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Since I was a little girl I have always been interested in everything that was linked to dresses, fabrics, colours and one of my favourite games was playing dress-up with mannequins. This passion didn’t remain a hobby: I wanted to cultivate it and to deepen it, then I transformed it in the central issue of my studies. At the moment I’m attending the Burgo Fashion Institute in Milan where day by day I draw and create items of clothing for every occasion, from the wedding dress up to kilt pants, or a poodle skirt with pockets for young ladies like me.

I wanted to collect all my creations and projects to show them to a widest possible audience so that people can comment and give opinions and judgements; I would like to improve and refine my skills through the direct involvement of people more or less close to this world. Only through the comparison I can discover and overcome my limits.

Regarding what You will see, the clothing were drawn and realized by myself during these last years of school, and they are the ones that better express my way of creating.